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From a Wildlife Tour of Tule Elk Reserve, Kern and Pixley Wildlife Refuges, and Allensworth State Park all northwest of Bakersfield, California, on 2/7/14, with Connie Adams and Maryanne Strehlow.
Poster in the Visitor's CenterAmerican CootDisplay of migratory birds who use this area.Kern NWR in yellow.  The Pacific Flyway.  California's Central Valley Wetlands provide habitat for 20% of North America's migratory birds.Cooper's HawkCooper's HawkNorthern Harrier  I like watching them hover looking for lunch.Killdeer- in the gravel road infront of our car.Black-Tailed GullRuddy DuckRed-tailed HawkRed-tailed HawkRed-tailed HawkBlack-necked StiltBlack-necked Stilt