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Laws Museum opened April 1, 1966 after the town had served as a depot since March 1883. The railroad had been built as the Carson River to Colorado River railroad, or C&C Railroad. Ranches shipped goods on the line as well as mines.
Laws Railroad Museum entryOriginal 1883 Depot and loading dockPhoto of loading dock, RR Express wagon, and No. 9No. 9 under steamExpress Wagon on loading dock with No. 9No. 9 and freight carsLaws 1883 Depot and loading dockNo. 9 and assorted freight carsBoiler of No. 9 inside cabSide-dump ore carCattle car w/ 20,000 limit.  Looks to hold about 14 - 16 steers.Caboose with seats for workers or passengers and space for freight.Conductor's office desk, stove, seats for workers, room for freight.Train Barn sign, ice house on right, elevated oil tank beyond.Oil tank (left), water tank, two flat cars.Original 1883 turn tableGas pump and Model A