Zenfolio | Carl Morrison Photography | Big Wave Surfing on Maui June 1, 2015
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Paul Cunningham drove to a spot in Makena, Maui where large waves were predicted and we were not disappointed by the excellent surfing taking place. My longest reach on my Canon T3i with a Tamron 18-270 zoom is 270 MM with the 1.6 crop factor making it 432 MM. Then I cropped a great deal in Lightroom 5. It was a great time at two different locations in Makena.
This is the 17mm end of my zoom, so you can see the distance to the surfers (by the black lava bluff).We noticed this bush and flower growing along the trail in the lava rocks.Folks watching the action as we left.Paul observing the action at the second spot - much closer to the surfers.Folks watching the action.Watching a buddy surf.