Zenfolio | Carl Morrison Photography | Orange Empire Railway Museum, "Behind the Scenes" January 21, 2017.
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2201 South "A" Street, Perris, California Some photos were converted to black and white to make them more vintage. Others were treated with the Painterly filter in HDR software called Photomatix Lite.
Steam-VC 2  Ventura County Number 2, commonly referred to as VC2 is a steam locomotive built in 1922.  The Ventura County Railway No. 2 is the Museum’s operating steam engine. During special events thBeing at OERM early meant that I got to photograph VC 2 leave for the Perris Station with horizontal eastern light.The fellow on the left was a volunteer receiving training on oiling the bearings on No. 2.Name plate on No. 2Sitting beside other vintage equipment made a nice 'group photo'.Cantinary lines are for trolleys that run on the same line.Ready to move up to the platform.My good friend and photographer Bob Williams used the App, "TouchRetouch" to take out the unsightly trolley cantinary wires.  Looks like I have some work ahead of me on the other photos.I wanted just the paint-pealing door, but though I should include "Railway Express Agency" for old time sake.Some of the "Rusty Bucket" cars needed some HDR treatment.They have a Party Caboose for onsite celebrations.The Trolley Barn - Car House #1. The Los Angeles RailwayThe Los Angeles Railway (LARy) was the city’s local streetcar system. The streetcars used a yellow paint scheme, so they became known as the Yellow Cars. Guided by re