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Canon Learning Center, 123 Paularino Ave, Costa Mesa, CA Explorers of Light lecturer Jeff CableJeff CableHe said he had trouble with his edits crashing this program, but DropBox has history which saved himI like these talks because I will never be able, physically nor financially, but I see great photos.Red "EXIT" sign in some of these iPhone shots of his screened slides.One type of accommodationOne instance when they flew ahead of their luggage which took 10 hrs. and they flew only 1 hr.Open roof vehicles.  He has 3 per vehicle with power and refrigerator onboard.Lions like shade and to nap, this car couldn't move for quite a while.Lions see this as one unit, not food, if you stay in the car and do not break the plain-move quicklyHe uses 2-card camera and saves RAW to both on each shot.Doesn't take all this.  Uses "Street Walker Roller 2.1 Think Tank" bag. Tiffen HT UV filter on lens.Jeff Cable uses 100 - 400 mm Canon lens with built in 1.4 multiplier at $13,000.Plan:  Out by 6:30 am, back at 11 lunch/nap/download, 3 afternoon drive including sunset.Take surrounding environmentBackground out of focus with Single Point Focus, Back button focus, Servo, f/4