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Scouting a spot to photograph the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Blue Unit Train August 11, 2014 with Chris Guenzler. Parked at the Trestles Parking Area, next to Carls Jr. at Exit 72 off the I-5 at the south edge of San Clemente, California. The final destination was above San Onofre Creek, about 3 miles down old/closed Hwy. 101 between I-5 and the coastline. The Circus Train was scheduled to leave at 9:30 a.m., but did not leave until about 11 a.m. With various stops, including problems with the third flatcar from the end and passing Amtrak and Metrolink commuter trains, it arrived at our location at 3:40 p.m. (And I have the sunburn to prove it.) It was 80 degrees with a nice breeze of 7 mph.
Map from Trestles Parking Exit 72 off I-5 at San Clemente to San Onofre Creek where Video was taken."Trestles" approach to the bridge.  In 2012 the concrete bridge replaced the wooden trestles.Very large letters, one each on cross bars, spell out "T-R-E-S-T-L-E-S"  On the right end of thetrestlesAlmost impossible to get all letters in one photo.A low bluff reaches to the west of the trestle.  Photo shows the 'trestles' and the bridge which actually crosses fresh water.The clearance under the bridge is about 5 feet.  Good for bicycles with rider pushing.Trestles is actually in North San Diego at the Orange County Line.The view from trestles of the 3.5 mile beach and various surfing areas.Just north of the Trestles the track turns inland then on to San Clemente Pier.San Clemente pier (left) where Amtrak makes one or two stops a day in summer.The base of the bridge was placed in 2011.Official name of the bridge is "Railroad Bridge 207.4"Northbound train speed limit here is 70 passenger trains, 55 freights.I met Chris another mile down old highway 101 and the bike trail to get on the cliff near the lifeguard tower.View from San Mateo Point bluff by the lifebuard tower of the surfing beach of Trestles.Trestles beach in the distance, Pacific Surfliner in the foreground, from the lifeguard tower.We moved farther down the bluff and photographed another Pacific surfliner with the lifeguard tower and beach.