Zenfolio | Carl Morrison Photography | ACES Camera Club Competition results 11/6/2014
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The Anaheim Camera EnthusiastS (ACES) camera club has 6 competitions among the members a year. They have an outside judge, usually a professional photographer, do the judging. The 'grading scale' is 6 to 9 points. Members can enter 3 color and 3 black and white photos in each competition. The following are my entries and the scores.
My first photo to come up.  He 'does not like this kind of HDR' and said it was digital art, not photography.  7.5 pointsSecond photo of mine to come up.  He liked this much more - not so edgy.  8 pts.He said, "Best of the 3 trucks.  Good background.  8 pts.  (All 3 trucks were at the mine in Jerome, Arizona)My first black and white to come up.  Liked the 'gaze of the driver looking out over his spread..  7.5 points (Blazin' M Ranch, Cottonwood, Arizona)"Good to show the tops of the mountains - many people cut them off." Verde Canyon Railroad, Cottonwood, AZ  7 pts.He loved this portrait of the owner of the Jerome Mine/truck junk yard.  He said he'd like me to lighten the top of the hat on the left.  It shows in this photo, but not on the screen. 9 points!