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Photos of Monorail, Disneyland Railroad, and Wine and Food Festival March 10, 2017.
I took the Monorail from Downtown Disney...more walking from the parking structure, but it drops you in Tomorrowland.Views from the monorailNot hard to find Mickey's face in the park.Castle and moat.Disney photographer's shotPhotographer didn't think about background people.Cast member in New Orleans Square.River Bell restaurant where niece Andrea worked.The Golden Horseshoe Review show.HDR of Tom Sawyer's Island and Mark Twain Riverboat.Columbia ship getting new riggings.Engine No. 2 - E.P. Ripley  The E.P. Ripley was modeled after Walt Disney's own Lilly Belle, a one-eighth scale locomotive kept in his backyard as part of his personal Carolwood Pacific Railroad.Disneyland photographer was nearby, so he took several photos of me in No. 2Allen and I had a lengthy talk about No. 2, as I sat in the seat Walt sat in on opening day.