Zenfolio | Carl Morrison Photography | Pixley National Wildlife Refuge, Road 88, Pixley, CA 2/7/14
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From a Wildlife Tour of Tule Elk Reserve, Kern and Pixley Wildlife Refuges, and Allensworth State Park all northwest of Bakersfield, California, on 2/7/14, with Connie Adams and Maryanne Strehlow.

After 4 hours in nearby Kern National Wildlifr Refuge, the docent there told us that Pixley currently had a great number of sandhill cranes in residence and at sunset they all returned from feeding in the fields to the wetlands of Pixley. We drove toward Pixley and found sandhill cranes feeding in the fields along the road, with some Canada geese and a couple of snow geese. We then continued and saw ibis near the road. At the NWR at sunset, we walked into the reserve and were rewarded with hundreds of sandhill cranes returning from their days feeding.
The only structure at Pixley National Wildlife Refuge is a restroom.  Thank you.We parked at the lower right corner of the lower map and walked to the viewing platform about 1/2 mile (arrow).  The cranes landed in the blue area.Sandhill cranes feeding in private millet fields outside the refuge.After feeding in one area, they fly to an adjacent area, landing among others already there.  They honk as they arrive.Moving from one field to another before sunset.Hwy. 43 and the BNSF tracks run along the refuge.  This container freight is heading south toward Bakersfield.Ibis, which was a first sighting for me.Searching the sky for returning sandhill cranes.Typical signs within the refuge showing which levys or roads you can use.Various plants in the refuge.Walking to the viewing platform with some sandhill cranes in the distance.A hawk continues to keep his eye out for prey.You can hear them before you see them.Halfway to the viewing platform, I took some selfies using my tripod and self timer.Pixey NWR at sunset with an "S" shaped road as a border.After sunset the greatest number of cranes returned to the shallow water.  Their calls were so loud I took a movie jus for the sound.There were so many, it was impossible to get them all in one photo.