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These cars, inspired by the historic Pacific Electric Railway trolleys from the 1920s, add atmosphere and authenticity to Hollywood Land.
It was in 1923 that Walt Disney, a young cartoonist with $40 in his pocket and no job, arrived in Los Angeles.
The Original Trolley Cars
By 1925, Southern California tycoon Henry Huntington had built the Pacific Electric Railway and turned it into the largest electrical railways anywhere in the world, with more than 1,000 miles of active track.
The original Pacific Electric Red Cars criss-crossed the Los Angeles area from 1887 until 1961, when this impressive transportation network gave way to the automobile.
“Power”-ful Props
Similar to the original "Hollywood Car" trolleys, the Red Car Trolley vehicles are entirely powered by electricity and are emissions-free vehicles.
However, unlike the original “Hollywood Car” trolleys, the Disney California Adventure cars run on batteries. The overhead wires are just for show!
Travel to the Past
Travel back in time during a leisurely ride on a Red Car Trolley and experience an idealized Los Angeles as Roy & Walt Disney may have seen it. From: https://disneyland.disney.go.com/attractions/disney-california-adventure/red-car-trolley/
The two running this day seemed to be two different designs.The second, more modern, design.  We rode this one.