Zenfolio | Carl Morrison Photography | Surfliner Trip to San Juan Capistrano with Evan, Don, and Carl
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First train trip for Evan.  At this point he is not sure about the guy with the camera!Any trip from Fullerton Station always includes seeing many trains before yours arrives.Surfliner No. 464 arrives to take us to San Juan Capistrano.Anaheim's new ARTIC train station.En route with Grandpa and Evan.A bungalo near San Juan Capistrano Station.Out destination - The SJC Petting Zoo.This stationary rabbit puts me far above those creepy guinea pigs.If you assure me he won't eat me,  I'll touch him.JackDo you like my summer 'do?Grandpa introduces Evan to the finer things in life...being thrown out of a saloon.