Zenfolio | Carl Morrison Photography | Disneyland and California Adventure on Lunar New Year's Eve. Day and night photos. Jan. 17, 2017
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California Adventure Entrance first, I wanted to ride SoaringI picked up a Fast Pass for Soarin' at 3:40.  So decided to ride the Red Trolley, since had ridden the original At Orange Empire Museum last week.The painted sky in Hollywood Land looks pretty good.This is the second style of Red Trolley.Passing Cathay Circle.  Might make a vintage black and white.Tadah!Shorter and shinier, but vintage ads above is a nice touch.Mickey can be seen in costume, all over the park.  Here a passenger on the Red Trolley.In the area between the two parks has these banners.Entrance to Disneyland - the trains are not running for the Star Wars building.Bands often attend and perform on Main Street.Wanted to rice more Disney Transportation, but the line was too long.But, below the entrance the subs come out under a waterfalls.A ride on the Main Street Double-Decker bus, you get a good view over the crowd.The other Main Street double-deck bus passed us in the middle of Main Street.Minnie overlooked by a young skeptic.Nice sounding old-time quartet.