Zenfolio | Carl Morrison Photography | Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC) night photos 2/18/2017
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In defense of returning to a previously photographed location, I went to ARTIC since fellow ACES club member Bob Webber wanted to take a group there and asked me to get some permissions. The end photos in this set are something new I found there, so return and look for new views.
With recent rains, the adjacent Santa Ana River has water in the usually dry riverbed.Closeup of ARTIC with river reflection foreground.Entering ARTIC.  The lights slowly change colors so you will see different colors in the same place in the next photos.Inside the front door.  Amtrak tickets on the left of the escalator and Bus tickets on the right.Looking back at entrance from inside with camera on stainless steel railing.Then I found a long handrail and the curved ceiling made an interesting reflection.  This is on the top level of the station.VIew of The Oyster Bar from top level, the only restaurant in the three years to open, but others are on the way.Time to leaveOne more outside shot.