Zenfolio | Carl Morrison Photography | Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park, 4011 Grant Dr, Earlimart, CA 2/8/14
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From a Wildlife Tour of Tule Elk Reserve, Kern and Pixley Wildlife Refuges, and Allensworth State Park all northwest of Bakersfield, California, on 2/7-8/14, with Connie Adams and Maryanne Strehlow.
The Full Story is at:  http://www.parks.ca.gov/pages/583/files/ColAllensworthWebBroch2012.pdfMap from:  http://www.parks.ca.gov/pages/583/files/ColAllensworthWebBroch2012.pdfAllensworth Elementary School w/Visitor's Center and Pavillion behind.Allensworth Elementary School Looks like my Hayden High School room.  Desks on skids so they can be moved.moveableTeacher's chair needs a platform so he could see the students.  These chairs also had wheels.Allensworth Elementary SchoolEach desk had a book, ruler, pencil, slate, inkwell and pen, and collapsable cup from water jug in back.This classroom was only 1/2 the building.  Divider to left of desks split the building.Piano and stove.  Stove much too small to heat this large building.Original picture of Allensworth Elementary SchoolSchool and adjacent Visitors center and pavillion.You can hear the train horns from town.  Amtrak California passes southbound during our tour.Phillips House - early single-wall construction for new arrivals.Inside Phillips house - front room width of the house, bedrooms down a central hallway.Allensworth HouseAllensworth HouseDotson House and Restaurant (with flag)Dotson House and restaurant.