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HandicappedSign-2.JPG For people who use mobility assistance, this year's report will include notes about traveling with an assistance scooter from parking on Shoreline Drive to photo spots on Turns 8, 10, and 11.
Circuit MapPartial List of Car Numbers and DriversPartial list of Car Numbers and DriversView west of where I parked on Shoreline DriveUnloaded my TravelScoot and progressed east, toward track entrance.First obstacle, cross uncut curb through parking garage to entry gate.Second Obstacle-crossing pedestrian bridge between turns 6 and 7 to get inside track.  This big fellow carried my scooter for me.And down the other side.Turn 8, coming from left, around the 90 degrees right past me.  The shoot up Pine for those drivers who can't make the turn.The challenge was to pan the cars around the curve andto capture the car between the trees and not into the shadow.  I took 5-shot bursts and used one.  19 Ed Jones12 Will Power (Finished 2nd)23 Charlie Kimball (No 2 behind helmet is his current standing in speed)88 Gabby Chaves20 Ed Carpenter60 Jack Harvey23 Charlie Kimball10 Ed Jones (Finished 3rd)6 Robert Wichens30 Takuma Sato