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Endeavour's temporary residence while its permanent home is being built at the California Science Center. Nov. 17, 2012
How the Endeavour arrived in Los Angeles. It 'toured' over Southern California landmarks before finally landing at LA. It was then moved through city streets to the California Science Center next to tTires from the EndeavourSimulated Control Room during one of its blastoffs.Model of Endeavour upright as it will be in its final resting place, second model with hatch open, and a school bus as size indicater.IMG_2367Last Endeavour Mission.First sight of the Endeavour.  High above the many visitors and untouchable.Teri Dowdee (left) and Sue Morrison, and EndeavourCarl Morrison (left) and John Dowdee.Back, right side with American flag on Endeavour and wall behind.Rear deck.  Note how small the people are below the Endeavour.  Black window-like features above "United States" are hinges for the payload area.Rear with engine cover removed.Each engine is larger than earlier space capsules.Tiles cover the entire underneath and edges of the shuttle.Extreme wide angle (10 mm) of rear of shuttle with people underneath.Engine of which they had 9 so they could swap one out if needed.Teri, John, and Sue underneath engines at rear of the Endeavour.Teri, John, and Sue underneath engines at rear of the Endeavour.Tiles each with location numbers and damage as it landed going to the left in this photo.IMG_2417