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The Dragon Boats racing to the base of Hawthorne Bridge in Portland  IMG_4460Many crews of 22 paddlers, oarsman and caller have a great time, win or lose.  IMG_3950Many crews ham it up when they see a camera.  IMG_3963It is serious business when the 4-boat races start.  IMG_3917Returning to the dock after a race, unload, a new team boards and another race takes place from 8:30 to 4 Saturday and Sunday.IMG_4024Many pink lady teams on the Cancer Survivor teams.  IMG_3878IMG_4155IMG_4331Related teams chear on their partner teams.  IMG_4475IMG_4480Paul takes a serious and a gun photo of each of the 70+ teams on Saturday from 1 pm to 5 pm.  He prints 8 x 10 photos and sells them in the booth on Sunday, plus taking orders.IMG_4110The award-winning sales team, (L to R) Paul, Sue, Sue's Niece, Andrea. Example poster in front. IMG_3855IMG_3854Sunday prints are sold in our booth.  IMG_4488There we are, 4th from the top, on the Vendor board.  IMG_4098Canada geese cross the course which ends before the large boat.  IMG_4151Ducks exploring for food below a dragon boat head.  IMG_4259A different perspective from Hawthorne bridge.  IMG_4441Dave Sweeney, Internet Meterologist in Portland announces the races each day.  IMG_4463IMG_4528